Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Progress

We have made a lot of progress lately (especially since the last post in JANUARY!)

We've paid off a few more CC's, SOLD OUR CAR! Bought a paid-for minivan, and are on our way to becoming home owners.

DR says that you shouldn't buy a house until you have a FFEF, etc (I'll write out the list later), but we just feel like it's time. And thankfully, interest rates are low, we're going to be staying put for several years, and we qualify for a VA loan, so we don't need a down payment (I don't recommend going this route - but we really feel that it is the right time for us).

We're going to buy small - probably under $180k, and we will do a 15 year fixed, with a payment no greater than 25% of our take-home pay.

We can't wait! And debt freedom is just around the corner!!

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  1. Becca, I didn't realize this was your blog. I have been following it and it is helping us get stuff paid off. Such a small world. ha