Monday, January 4, 2010

Still on the Bandwagon… moving slowly

I am writing to let everyone know that we are still on the bandwagon. Things are going slowly right now (thanks to our Thanksgiving trip to UT – which we paid for with cash we had been saving up – and Christmas gifts, which were also paid for in cash!)

So, since we’ve been using up all our cash on the holidays, we haven’t had much to snowball. January is going to be somewhat lean as well as we catch up after the holidays (not that we are behind, but we did put some savings goals on hold – such as car tags, car service, etc to save more money for Christmas so we could make sure we paid cash!).

We’re still budgeting, still using cash only (we’re getting better and better at NOT using the debit card… for ANYTHING).

We’re still feeling great about our financial future!


  1. Hey, have you heard of YNAB? i think it would be a useful tool for you guys. Yeah, it's a bit expensive, but i think definitely worth it. (this is the BYU Ryan btw.) I am using that currently myself, just to get in the right track before i get married myself. Good to see you!

  2. Adam and I had a good talk about finances tonight! I think I'm going to go buy "Total Money Makeover" tomorrow. We listened to the Dave Ramsey show on the way home from Ogden this evening, and I realized I don't know everything about money. Hence, buying the book. :-)