Tuesday, August 25, 2009

an update

Baby Step 2 is in full swing. Well, as full as we can get it. We're still in the process of funding my wisdom teeth surgery. That and I made a $56.50 mistake in my checkbook balancing. That wouldn't be a big deal, except that $100 is about all we can squeeze out of our budget after bills and only $50 a month in blow money. I keep reading about people who budget $100-$200 for blow money each month and I laugh to myself. We really are barely are making ends meet. But by golly those ends are meeting!

It's a great feeling to have a working budget and to be able to pay CASH for things like wisdom teeth surgery. And on top of that, we should be getting our dislocation allowance soon (that's another $2500). We're going to use part of it to put up a fence in the backyard so the Little Guy can run around semi-unsupervised in the backyard. The rest we'll throw into our debt snowball, we'll probably knock out one small debt, and then throw the rest on the motorcycle loan. That will free up another $65 a month for the snowball. Hooah!

Once car registration and wisdom teeth surgery are paid for next month, I'll update again with how our budget is doing... Wish us luck.

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