Monday, September 14, 2009

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Well, mine and DH's birthdays are coming up (DH's birthday is the day after mine) and we have budgeted $200 for our birthday. That will include gifts, going out (if we want to), etc. We also have finally bought a digital camera to replace the one I broke a few months ago. Even with birthday and the digital camera purchase, we still have $200 to throw at our smallest debt, which should keep us on track for our Oct 1 kill date for our smallest debt. I can't WAIT!

We have been really good at not spending on unnessesary things. We are managing our money and telling it where to go, so we always still have money at the end of the month.

Now I find myself wondering where all this money is coming from instead of wondering where all our money went!

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